Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Little Blue House 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #8

Hello and Welcome to Day #8 of the Little Blue House feature...

Rhonda Merry here to tell you about my ornament.
 Bell Jars are fun way to make your collectibles and special items
stand out when decorating for the holidays.  I used a beautiful glass bell
ornament from Melissa Frances to display a cute little paper snowman.

Snowman Bell Ornament By: Rhonda Merry

One Bell Jar Ornament by Melissa Frances.
White Cardstock, 
Christmas Greens Pipe Cleaner, 
Bakers Twine
Tiny Jingle Bells, 
Pruners, Small twigs for arms
Gold Metallic Paint(Dazzling Metallic Champagne Gold)
Artificial Snow, 
Perfect Pearls Mist
Gold cording, 
Hot Glue gun, Hot Glue sticks, 
Glossy Accents, 
Wire cutters, 
¾” circle Punch 
1-1/4” Circle Punch

First, paint the base of your ornament.  I used
Dazzling Metallics Champagne Gold.  Set aside to dry.

Then, dry brush a 3” section of the Christmas Greens Pipe Cleaner with
 the gold paint. We want to add the gold highlights to soften the green color.
Allow to dry. We will use this to make a small wreath.

Next, punch TEN 1-1/4” circles. One circle will
be a base for the snowman to stand level,  the rest are folded
 in half to make lower part of  body. 
And NINE 3/4" circles for the head.

Using Glossy Accents, glue circles together keeping
the fold to the inside middle as shown.

Glue body to base with the hot glue and hold level until glue hardens.
 Repeat step for head  and  adhere to body using hot glue.

Next, cut the painted 3 inch piece of the Christmas Greens Pipe cleaner
 and form into circle for a  wreath. Bend to make ends meet and secure
 with hot glue. Make a bow with the twine. (I used a Pinterest trick using a fork
 to make this tiny bow.  Worked like a charm). Top the bow with the tiny jingle bell.

HINT: I turned my jingle bells red, using Red Pepper Alcohol Ink,
by placing bells in a zip top with a few drops of the alcohol ink. Shake,
remove and let dry. But a silver or gold jingle bell will work beautifully here too.

Cut about a 6” length of twine for scarf.  Wrap around neck twice and
 tie to hide glue. Leave ends loose until we get the arms on and situated. 
Use pruners to cut two twigs for arms.  Twigs should be about 1” long.
We may need to trim more to fit in bell glass.

Once arms are in place, see how the scarf falls. If it will drape naturally
 in a place touching the snowman or the twig, place a dot of glue
 there to hold for when we add the snow. Trim ends of scarf.

Once the arms are secure, position wreath on arm opposite
 of your scarf tails and secure with a small dot of hot glue.

Now to test before sealing!
Before securing Snowman to bell base, check to make sure
arms are short enough for bell to cover. Prune as needed.
Center Bell on base and see where snowman sets. Glue
snowman in that spot for best fit using the E6000.

Using about a tablespoon of snow, place in top of bell. 

Check to see if level is right by placing
snowman base over bell and...

 flip right side up.

Remember, this is not yet glued down.

Add or remove snow if the amount doesn't look right.
But, if all looks good...

flip bell again and add a line of E6000
 around the bottom of glass bell.

HINT: Have a rag or paper towel handy in case the E6000 wants
to blob out of tube. Mine usually does.  I did not have my rag handy
so my blobs went onto the back of my hand until I was done.
That's the Rhonda Merry way!

Now to cover snowman with the bell, this is not a test.
Position the snowman over bell as in test and center.
Close and Flip right side up, give a slow twist of the bell to have the
loop hanger at top of bell positioned in a way that our hanger will allow
snowman to face forward when hanging on the tree.

Remember, do not lift bell from base. You can
 turn slowly and still have a good adhesion.  The E6000 takes
few hours to dry so you have time to position glass.

Once the glass is in place, run your finger around the glass bottom
to smooth out any bubbles of glue that are on the outside of bell.

Add a hanger and let dry completely
before hanging on your tree.

Playing with the Faux Snow is more my speed. But Snow Days
can be so beautiful. It's always fun to see the kids building snowman during a
snow day.  Leave a comment and tell me about your favorite snow day game?
You will have a chance to win my Bell Jar Snowman.

Thank you for following along.

Rhonda Merry


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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Little Blue House 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments: Day #7

Good morning and Happy Friday!!  Cat here with Ornament #7 in our series.  I had so much fun creating my ornament. Being a part of the LBH , surrounded by so much talent and inspiration is a blast!  I love seeing all of the ornaments that the other ladies have created and shared and plan on adding several (or all!!) to my very tree soon. 

I don’t discriminate when it comes to ornaments on my tree---there is no theme or rhyme or reason.  I love all ornaments & Christmas baubles and my tree is always chock full of plenty.  Cary (my DH) and I have a holiday tradition of putting on The Santa Claus with Tim Allen and putting up the tree together.  I like unwrapping my ornaments and remembering the story or memory for each one.  I have homemade ornaments from my nieces, pretty little baubles that I was gifted from friends, festive ones we’ve picked up in our travels and some that just remind me of a friend or loved one.  The ornament I created for you gals today is just that type of ornament…

I created this one with my Bestie Nat in mind.  Every morning she calls me on her way to work and we talk and talk and talk.  The only break in conversation is when she stops at Starbucks for her morning fix…venti White Mocha, extra hot.  I am always on speaker, so sometimes I try and add to her order or say something to embarrass her.  She loves when I do that!! 

Let’s get started with the tutorial, shall we? 

First we need to gather some supplies:


**Mini espresso cup

**Patterned paper (I used Simple Stories Cozy Christmas)

**¾” x 6 ¾” strip of corrugated cardboard

**Simple Stories Insta-Squares (I used the Cozy Christmas to coordinate)

**Reverse Confetti Let It Snow dies

**Reverse Confetti stamp set: Seasonal Sentiments

Acrylic block

Brown ink (or one that coordinates with the paper you chose)

**Chalk ink to coordinate (I used Biscotti & Coal Miner)

Small jingle bell

**Paper straw (any color, we are going to cover it)

**Coordinating washi tape (I used Queen & Co.)

**Scor tape


**Silver/Gold Ribbon

**Perfect Pearls mist in Heirloom Gold

**Stickles in Xmas Red

Items marked ** I got at The Little Blue House. 

I know the list looks long, but don’t be scared.  This ornament goes together really fast and isn’t hard at all. 

First thing I did was cut apart one these adorable little espresso cups and make a template so that I could cover the cup in patterned paper.  (No need for you to cut up a cup though, I made copies of the template and you can pick them up at LBH when you purchase the cups.)  I traced the template on my patterned paper and then cut right on or just inside the lines to get the best fit. 

I adhered the paper to the cup using Scor tape.

Next, we are going to add some sparkle to our corrugated strip…because everything is better with a little sparkle.  I made 2 versions of this ornament.  On one I misted the corrugated with Perfect Pearls Heirloom Gold mist and on the other I smeared a little red Stickles.  I just love how both turned out.

To dress up the cup, I stamped a sentiment from the Reverse Confetti stamps set: Seasonal Sentiments using a coordinating brown ink and then punched around it with a 1 ½” scallop circle punch.  I cut a snowflake with the Reverse Confetti Let It Snow die set and used a piece of the salvage from one of my papers to adorn the scallop.  It’s starting to look pretty spiffy ladies!

Now it’s time to turn our attention to the lid.  I used another 2x2” Insta Square.  (You can choose one with an icon or sentiment, I did one of each).  Using a 1 ½” circle punch to cut out the part I wanted for my lid.  I cut the bottom third off of the circle (approx. ½”) and it fit perfect into the little inset on the lid.  

I cut a paper straw in half and wrapped it in Queen & Co. washi in the Kraft & snowflake pattern.  If you have a straw that matches your papers, you could skip this step, but I just fell in love with the Kraft washi and the snowflake pattern went with the Reverse Confetti die so well, how could I resist? 

Next I used my scissors to make small snips on each side of the ‘sipper’ opening.  It’s hard to see in the pic, but if you look close you will see my little cuts.

While we have our scissors, go ahead and use the tip of your blade to make the ‘steam’ hole just a wee bit bigger.   

Take about 8” of thick twine in a coordinating color and run it through the ‘steam’ hole in the lid.  It should be snug so it won’t fall off, but if needed you can tie a little knot or add a dot of adhesive on the underside to secure it.  Finally I used a second color of twine to thread on a little jingle bell and tie a bow to the hanger.  

And just to add more sparkle and shine, I adhered a 6 ¾” piece of gold & silver ribbon about the edge of the cup.  Metallics are everywhere right now and I just can’t get enough!  Just a little side note: I bought LOTS of this ribbon and plan on using it to tie up little packages of cookies for my hubbies co-workers.  It’s going to look darling with a little red & green tag attached. 


There you have it.  I think it’s pretty cute if I do say so myself!!  It’s the perfect little ornament to remind you of the coffee (or hot cocoa) drinker in your life!  Miss Tracy has plenty of cups in stock at The Little Blue House for you to recreate them on your own.  And don’t forget to leave a comment below for your chance to win one of the cups I created.  

Share with us today what your favorite Holiday Beverage is....The WINNER will be drawn and posted tomorrow morning along with another Fabulous Ornament tutorial!!!!

Merry Crafting,


Denise Foor

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Little Blue House 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments: Day #6

Hi there! Valerie Bishop here with ornament #6 of the LBH 12 Days of Ornaments! I am one of the Front Porch Kit Designers and I'm excited to be joining in on this feature! For me, this year is all about clean and simple and my ornament reflects that! We got rid of our huge tree that we've had for several years and we decided to go with a small (white!) tree this year and I can't wait to hang my new ornaments on it - they will look awesome!! I collect and display bottlebrush Christmas trees so I wanted to make an ornament that has a tiny bottlebrush tree inside of it. I got my inspiration from Pinterest and love the way these came together!!

Here is a list of products and tools you will need

Small bottlebrush trees (I used Fancy Pants brand - just make sure the base will fit into the ornament)
Old Fashioned Lightbulb fillable Ornament
Chunky Glass Glitter
Tinsel Twine (I used Tim Holtz)
Silver Tinsel
Red and White Twine
Hot Glue Gun
Long Tweezers

Take the top off the ornament and test to make sure the base will fit inside of it - don't worry if the tree is larger - the brush will bend up easily.
Get your tree ready on your tweezers (It stays on the tweezers easily)
Then add just a little dab of hot glue to the bottom of the base of the tree - make sure to get it right on the bottom so it's not oozing over as it will scrape against the inside of the ornament and you will get the glue all over the inside (I know this from experience! But it's easy to pull off with the tweezers if you do get some on the sides!).
Slowly put your tree inside your ornament using your tweezers until it sits on the bottom. Wait until the glue dries then you can arrange your tree if it's a bit crooked using your tweezers. If you can see in the bottom photo I did get a glob of glue on the side (this was the first ornament I made so I didn't go slow enough!!). I was able to pull it off the side easily with my tweezers once the glue had dried!

After the glue has dried (it just takes a few minutes) add about a teaspoon or two of the glitter glass into the ornament. I don't have a small funnel, so I made my own by just rolling up a piece of scrap paper
I added just a about 4 pieces of tinsel inside the ornament (if you add too many you can't see the tree!). I wound into a small ball, then pushed it inside the ornament. It expands beautifully inside and gives just a little bit more texture and glam!!

 I then put the top back onto the ornament and I hot glued a piece of the Tim Holtz Tinsel twine around the top to ensure that the top will not pop off

Tie a bow with the bakers twine to the top of the ornament and your done!! For my white trees, I used a different color of twine and in one of them I added tiny blue micro beads.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial!

You will also have a chance to WIN an ornament each day! Simply leave a comment on each daily post and one lucky commenter will be chosen each day to take home that specific ornament! Share with me today one of your favorite holiday traditions.

Join us and let's make it the best Hand-made Holiday ever! All the featured ornaments will be on display on our Christmas Tree at the Little Blue House!

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I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


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